What is a Minnesota Public Adjuster?

A Minnesota Public Adjuster investigates, evaluates and negotiates the settlement of insurance claims while exclusively representing you, the owner of the insurance policy. insurance-claim-form The word Adjuster as used in the insurance industry means “one who settles claims”. 

Public implies open or available for all to use, as compared to an adjuster employed or hired by the insurance company to exclusively represent their interest.

The purpose of a Public Adjuster is to assist you in achieving full financial recovery after an insured loss.

Investigating a loss involves evaluating the extent of damages and loss to determine the amount of loss. This may include determining the cause of loss. A Minnesota Public Adjuster will estimate the full and correct cost to repair or replace the damaged property. An Adjuster must understand construction and estimating to properly settle a claim.

I can assist you with these types of claims.

Homeowners and Dwelling

  • Dwelling or Building
  • Other Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Loss of Rent

Commercial and Farm

  • Building
  • Business or Personal Property
  • Equipment
  • Additional Expenses
  • Loss of Income
  • Any many other endorsements

Casualty Claims

  • Automobile
  • Loss to property you own

MN License #40279355


Daryl C Johnson is a licensed Minnesota Public Adjuster.

A Minnesota Public Adjuster represents only the insured or property owner with insurance claims. A Minnesota Public Adjuster could also be called a “Private Adjuster”. Property insurance claims involve a loss. The amount of loss is estimated by adjusters.  A Public Adjuster adjusts the estimate to the amount necessary to restore you to the condition you were in prior to the loss.  

Insurance policies are contracts between large corporations and individuals or businesses. The disparity of economic power between an insurer and the insured can lead to abusive business practices. Therefore, governmental entities have enacted and enforced laws to regulate the insurance industry for the protection of consumers and for the preservation of the insurance system as a whole.

One method of protecting consumers is the statutory creation of Minnesota Public Adjusters to level the playing field between large insurance companies and the public.

Most people who visit my site and hire my services are having problems with their insurance company regarding their claim. Maybe the claim has been denied or the insurance company is not correctly estimating the amount of loss and the money necessary to restore the property.

This web site will answer basic questions about insurance claims and how a Minnesota Public Adjuster can help you settle an insurance claim. I can help you. Take the first step to resolving your claim by calling me at 612-369-1449 or sending an email to: daryl@darylcjohnson.com

I am a Minnesota Public Adjuster, settling property insurance claims after any insured loss, including but not limited to; fire, hail, water, wind and damage to personal property.


Should you use a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters are insurance claim experts. In the event of damage to your property, your best bet is to hire a Public Adjuster to represent you with your insurance claim. Public Adjusters are educated and knowledgeable in insurance policies and estimating the full extent of the loss.

Has an insurance company denied your claim or failed to cover the full cost of repairs? It is your responsibility to prove the cause of loss and the amount of loss. Use a Public Adjuster to represent your interest with all insurance claim settlements.

A Public Adjuster is NOT A CONTRACTOR. A Public Adjuster represents you, the policy holder and YOUR INTEREST. Company adjusters and independent adjusters work for the insurance company, not you. A Contractor and any sales person work for the construction company.

Prior to the loss or damage to property, this property had value. Restoring you, the policy holder to the financial position that existed prior to the loss is a basic principle of insurance. 

Insurance claims typically involve a substantial amount of money. Use a Public Adjuster to represent your interest with all insurance claim settlements. Daryl C Johnson is an insurance claim expert. I understand construction, construction estimating, insurance policies and claims.

Who is Daryl C Johnson?

I am a Public Adjuster with extensive construction, building knowledge and experience. DJSitting I have worked as a carpenter, carpenter foreman and supervised carpenters for both new construction, remodeling and remediation. I have worked on single family homes, multifamily homes and light commercial.

I designed and built over 65 custom residential homes in the State of MN as a licensed residential home builder. I have worked with numerous architects, engineers, building officials, trade contractors, building suppliers, contractors and clients for over 32 years.

As a Public Adjuster I have used my construction and insurance knowledge to successfully settle relatively easy claims and large complex property claims.

This is not an easy business, it requires construction knowledge, estimating skills, insurance claim settlement experience and hard work. Stubborn persistence is required. Finlanders call this “Sisu”. I am a Finn!

Do You Have Questions?

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I am available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.  Sat from 9:00 am to noon.

If I do not answer, leave a message and I will call you back within 24 hours.

My garage caught on fire and completely burnt to the ground!

The building was a total loss. The property was lakeshore property. Unfortunately, there was a substantial amount of personal property, including antique items stored in the garage. Daryl C Johnson helped me determine the correct value of each item and the correct “depreciation” for each and every item.

Commercial Claim

I was very impressed with his professional approach; he never got rattled by the big guy, sticking up for us, his meetings with lawyers, engineers, building inspectors. Daryl took care of everything!

Four Stars from Mike and Carol

Daryl was a BIG HELP to our family and he was a very nice man! Carol If anyone needs help with insurance, Daryl is the one to go to. He was a big help to us. Mike

He is honest and very knowledgeable!

It is with hight praise that I recommend using Daryl C Johnson (a Public Adjuster) in dealing with insurance claim problems. He dealt with my insurance company and settled my claim. Within two months, my claim was settled with an increase of $xxxxx over the original estimate of damages. This allowed me to property restore my property. He kept me informed and sent me copies of all documentation and correspondence.

I recommend Daryl very highly!

I’ve just finished a 19-month battle with my insurance company, and I’m writing to express my complete satisfaction with the work performed on my behalf by Daryl C Johnson, a Public Adjuster in Minnesota. His understanding of the inner workings of the insurance industry resulted in a settlement considerably more than double than initially estimated by the Insurance Co. Daryl was completely sensitive to my initial wariness, and in language that was easy for me to understand, he walked me through the entire process.

Daryl helped me settle this claim!

A tree fell on my garage. The insurance company adjuster told me, they could “repair” the garage. They send me a small check for some lumber and roofing. This did not seem right to me. I called Daryl and he helped me settle the claim. My garage and fence was fully replaced, not “repaired!”

Daryl is very good at his job!

“Two years ago we had hail damage on our roof and siding.  Although our insurance company still would not pay more than 2 sides of siding due to strange insurance policy wording, amazingly Daryl was able to help us get about $xxxx more after we paid Daryl & other fees.  We found a company to do the roof, all 4 sides of siding, and everything else that we like to get done with the total amount approved by the insurance company. Daryl is very good at his job, always on top of what he does, very wise and knowledgeable.  He is a very good person to work with.”